Below is a sample of work by ADK Renovations. For up-to-date projects, check us out on Instagram or Facebook.

Kitchen Renovation in Brampton, ON


This kitchen was a complete renovation which included new appliances, custom cabinetry, drawers, and floor to ceiling pantry.

Kitchen Renovation in Stouffville, ON


This Stouffville kitchen renovation included cabinet door replacement, back splash tile, sink installation, and a custom-designed granite counter top for the client's water filtration system.

Foyer Renovation in Stouffville, ON


This foyer was upgraded with tile floors to allow easy cleaning of mud and dirt. Note the clean lines between the hardwood floors and the ceramic tile. A metal trim was incorporated to create a polished look. During this installation, the insulation around the door was also upgraded with spray foam. This insulation was placed throughout the trim work.

Bathroom Renovation in Stouffville, ON


This bathroom was a complete rebuild. We started with a new, insulated sub-floor for warmth and laid large, rectangular marble tile atop it.  Then, we retrofitted the plumbing to put in a new soaker tub with glass walls and door to create an elegant look while maintaining safety and keeping in mind a future family. Next, we installed a two-flush, low-flow toilet, beautiful, custom-fitted vanity with sink, and a custom-made, flush-mount mirror vanity with storage to maintain clean lines while maximizing the space. Second to last, we installed an all new duct system to vent the toxic fumes or steamy showers! To complete the look, we finished it off with dimmable LED lighting, perfect for setting the mood or keeping the kids safe.

Bar Renovation in Dundas, ON


This bar was beautifully crafted to the tastes of its owner and clientele. Wood, metal, glass, and various textures were incorporated to create an interesting and inviting environment.


The structure of the bar was constructed of white oak and poplar and reinforced with a metal framework. Inside, the bar's shelving was made of black, powder-coated sheet metal and tubing for strength. Following this design around strength, the countertop was constructed of brass-plated metal strapping while the top itself is a textured laminate to ensure durability. Lastly, the ceiling was sculpted of textured aluminum with colonial-style stamping.